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  • You'll dramatically increase your clients' page rank without relying on Google.
  • You'll give them a red-hot lead magnet that brings dozens to thousands of additional new customers each month.
  • You'll help them to retain their existing customers at a much higher rate.
  • You'll provide a service that you can charge handsomely for, upwards of $200 per month, per client.
  • You'll have a foolproof way to up-sell each of your existing clients.
  • And you'll do it by using a revolutionary new product that no one else on the market has access too.

By the time you're done reading this letter, it will be as if someone just gave you a"cheat sheet" to the world's hardest exam.

Except, rather than getting the answers to some mundane exercise in academics...

This secret tool will allow you to quickly make more money, provide more value, and get more new clients than any of your competition.

I know you're dying to get all of the details...

I'm even going to show you how to pitch your offline clients right in this letter...

We'll jump into that in just a second...

But first, let's talk for a brief moment about Reputation Management.

What is Reputation Management?

It involves the administration and protection of a business' reputation.

It's a multi-million dollar per year industry and growing FAST!

With the continuing rise of Google +, Yelp, Super Pages, and other online review sites, it's becoming more important to businesses every single day.

Businesses with good reputations prosper, while those with bad reputations struggle, and fail...

The clients you already have want this service badly...

The clients you haven't closed yet are clamoring for it.

And you're about to get the best Reputation Management tool on the market, for a price so low, it will make your head spin.

Why Do Your Offline Clients So Badly Need

A Reputation Management Solution?

Consider these facts, all from reputable data collection sources:

  • 90% Of Consumers Trust Recommendations From Others
  • 80% of Consumers Change Their Minds About A Recommended Purchase Based Solely On Negative Information They Found Online
  • 70% Of Customers Need A Business To Have At Least 6 Positive Reviews Before They'll Trust Them
  • 67% Of Customers Read Online Reviews Of Local Businesses.

If you're not convinced, think about the last time you searched for a local business on Google.

Immediately, you saw a wide variety of reviews from Yelp, City Search, Trip Advisor, etc.

If that business had bad reviews, they're losing customers.

This Is Where You Have An Opportunity

Traditionally, small businesses have always had very little control over what people say about them.

They've been at the whim of each customer, and they haven't had the means to rectify negative reviews.

Sure, some of them utilize comment cards at their physical place of business.

But this doesn't stop disgruntled customers from going online and ripping them a new one whenever their services fail.

Until now...


Review Sentry is a white label system that you can take directly to your clients...

For each client you have, you can set up a unique link under their own domain, where customers can leave online reviews...

The "portal" customers reach is highly professional, and includes a video spokesperson who instructs the reviewer on how to proceed.

When the review is positive, the customer is provided a link to the web's top review sites and given a special coupon offer as encouragement for leaving a review.

When the review is negative, they simply leave their comment, and it goes directly to the business owner - the negative review never gets spread.

So with one easy link, each of your offline clients can start pumping out favorable reviews online, while stopping the bad ones from destroying their business' reputation...

Then, you make massive profits by charging your clients for setup, plus a monthly fee.

Your clients need this service, and they will pay for it...

Just Look At The Success That Some Of My Happy
Customers Are Experiencing With Review Sentry...

Think about what would happen if just 10 of your current offline clients get on board with Review Sentry...

It takes minutes to setup but you can easily charge them upwards of $300 per setup fee...

That's $3,000 extra in your pocket for the month.

Plus, you can comfortably charge them a monthly subscription of $97...
So with just 10 clients, you're looking at an extra $970 in recurring income, flowing right into your bank account each and every month.

Not a bad ROI for about 50 minutes per month spent on portal management, huh?

But the truth is, you can quickly and easily get a lot more than just 10 clients...

Just imagine, with 50 clients you could be netting $15,000 in setup fees, and $5,000 per month in recurring income.

There's No Reason To Waste A Moment - Get Review Sentry

Right Now And Start Making A Killer Monthly

Income With A Scaleless Business.

This Is Really One Of The Most Complete, And Well-Made

Tools Ever Created For Offline Marketers.

Review Sentry is loaded with features like:.

    • 100% White Label. Sell Review Sentry under your own brand and name, and look like a genius in the eyes of your clients. We host everything, but it appears as a sub-domain of your clients.
    • Instant Email and SMS Notification of Negative Reviews. Your clients will know immediately when a customer has had a bad experience, and will be able to quickly remedy the situation. This alone can save them thousands of dollars per month in lost business.
    • Customers Are Encouraged To Post Positive Reviews Online. One of the best ways to increase customers and SEO is through positive reviews. Your clients will be digging through their wallets in order to pay you for this service.
    • Professional and Easy To Use Front-End Interface For Customers. You clients can communicate key customer service and brand messaging to their customers using either our provided videos, or their own custom ones.
    • 100% Scalable For Businesses With Multiple Locations, Store Managers, Etc. Have a client with multiple stores? You can set up unique portals for each of their locations, allowing them to get specific information. Plus, you can charge them for each location!
    • Not A WordPress Plugin. Why is this a feature? Because with many WP Plugins, the developer supports the product for a little while, then gets bored and moves on to something different. When this happens, you're left sucking wind. Review Sentry is different. You can use it as long as the Internet exists, without being subject to the whims of some shady profit-hungry programmer.
    • Uses A Custom Template Feature For Desktop And Mobile. You can help your customers to stay in complete control of their branding.
    • Portal Includes Employee Photos. The business owner can quickly see if one of their employees is the source of numerous negative customer reviews, and take action to save their business' reputation.
    • Embedded Videos For Each Phase Of The Review Process. It's been proven time and time again that people respond better to video than text. Now, your clients can put videos throughout the portal, allowing them to truly reach their customers.
    • Star Rating System. With Review Sentrys simple 5 Star System, you can determine what constitutes a positive or negative review. The result is a controlled funnel of reviews for your clients.
    • Collect Customer Names And Emails For Re-marketing Purposes. With each review your clients get, they'll now have a new opted-in member for their mailing list. This makes it easy for them to start an email marketing campaign (which you can charge to setup), dramatically increasing their profits. You can also add fields like mobile numbers for SMS text marketing.
    • Create Viral Coupons That Reviewers Can Share. You'll be helping your clients to market their business, and all it takes is a few clicks.
    • Use Analytics Code With The Custom Templates Feature To Track All Traffic. Give your clients the power to make sound business decisions by-showing them where each client is coming from.
    • Works On Desktops And Mobile Devices. We all know that more and more customers are going mobile. With Review Sentry, your clients customers can leave reviews right on their phone.
    • Outstanding Customer Support. As you'll discover later in this letter, I'm only making this offer available for a select group of people. One of the reasons is so I can make sure I'm available to personally answer any questions you have with regards to using my product. Once you invest in Review Sentry, you'll have access to my invite-only Facebook group, where you can share best practices with other users, and personally connect with me.
    • Gets Your Client Involved. The more ownership your clients feel in the service you provide to them, the more value they'll see. Review Sentry puts your clients in control, allowing them to immediately see results without having to wait around for SEO practices that can take months to take effect.

Your HeadiPlus, Review Sentry Is 100% White Hat, 100% On The Good Side Of Google, And 100% Compliant With Major Review Here

There are other reputation management and review tools out there...

But they all use shady practices that can get your clients banned from Google, and destroy their reputations forever.

Don't Take Any Chances, Get Review Sentry Right Now And Start Making Money While Truly Helping Your Clients

So How Does Review Sentry Work?

Here's a peak inside the dashboard, where you'll be cranking out these cash paying review portals:

Now just harnessing the incredible power of Review Sentry alone can easily put at least $1,000 per month in recurring income into your pocket.

But one of the coolest things about this product is that it's loaded with up-selling opportunities that can have you feeling Oprah Rich in no time at all...

How To Make Even More Money With Review Sentry:

  • Charge to shoot 3 customized videos at the clients' location for the review platform.($350 - $500 per video recommended)
  • Charge to have professional employee photos done so the clients review portal looks as professional as possible.($150/hour)
  • Charge for additional graphics work, for example coupon creation and design.($75 - $125 per hour)

Plus, Offering Reputation Management To New

Clients Is Easy Here's How To Do it...

To find clients who will be throwing money at you and begging to sign up, simply do a search for local businesses.

They can be in all sorts of industries, in a particular city, or across the country.

For every business you find with bad reviews, you have an immediate "in" with them.

You can rapidly differentiate yourself from the millions of clowns out there who are pitching SEO and AdWords all day long.

Plus, once a local business becomes your customer, you can still do SEO and Online Advertising for them too!

So What Will You Say To Those Prospective New Clients?

How about something like:

"I noticed you have several negative reviews on Yelp. I have a simple and effective way to substantially reduce negative reviews, dramatically increase your positive reviews, and improve your ranking on Google. The end result will be new customers each month, and a bulletproof online reputation. When are you available to speak?"


One call or email and you're on to the next one.

It's a pitch that they haven't heard before, and that most businesses are too smart to ignore.

And once your clients see this working - they'll immediately want to know what else you can do to help them"

The first negative comments that Review Sentry stops from reaching the Internet.

Your clients will be hooked and your recurring monthly income will be a sure thing.

So How Much Is Review Sentry Worth To You?

Even if you're crazy, and don't charge a setup fee.

And you totally suck at sales and just get 5 clients ever, the entire time you use Review Sentry.

And you sign them up for a low price like $97 per month each.
$485 in monthly income, in your pocket, with hardly any work on your end at all.

So obviously, I feel justified charging you upwards of $300 per month for access to Review Sentry

In fact, one of my clients is about to sign a deal where set up portals for two different franchises with 160 businesses between the two of them.

In other words be making about $17,000 per month in recurring income for at least the next few years

All he had to do was put in some effort to make the sale

Now, set up with $204,000 per year while working just a few hours a week

This is not a get rich scheme, but it is one of those cases where you can legitimately make money very quickly...

The answer is right in front of you, and it's a high quality solution that your clients really want.

And, for a limited time only, you're going to be able to gain access to Review Sentry for an exceptionally low price.

For the next 200 people only, the price for Review Sentry won't be in the thousands, even though that's what it makes people..

It won't even be $300, although that would be a steal...

Right Now, And For A Very Limited Amount Of People, You Can

Gain Access To Review Sentry For As Little As,

If you think just one of your clients would see value in Review Sentry, then purchase the product right now.

At a minimum your first client's subscription pays for the service.

Every one afterwards is pure profit...

This is an absolute no brainier, so make Review Sentry yours today.

That's an extra $970 in monthly income, going straight into your bank account.

What could you do with the extra income?

Make car payments, insurance payments, pay off credit cards, take vacations, invest in the stock market?

The possibilities are endless, and it all starts today...

You'll Also Gain Access To Over 25 Marketing Documents + Powerful Info-graphics + Professional Made Video Templates.

Each of which will work to make your sales process automatic

3 Professionally Recorded Green Screen Videos With Re-branding Rights. You can pop in your client's background, and provide an even more customized experience for them. Plus, you can use these videos to set up your own demonstration portal, helping you to close more deals. $1500 Value.

Professionally Written Telemarketing Script. I've had a sales expert create a high converting script that you can use to close clients on the phone, the first time you speak. $300 value.

Re-brandable Powerpoint Presentation On Reputation Management. The more information you can provide to your clients, the more likely they are to buy. Now, youll have access to 20 plus slides, packed with powerful information and calls-to-action. $300 Value.

25 Marketing Documents All Optimized To Give You Explosive Sales. Whether looking for powerful stats your clients can't ignore, lead generating secrets, or strategies for positioning your brand, I've got you covered. These files are all available in the members' section of our Facebook Group, which you'll have access to as one of the Review Sentry elite. $999 Value.

Brandable Infographics Depicting Key Reputation Management Statistics. You can make these powerful sales tools your own, and give them away to your prospects as an educational resource that influences their buying decision. $499 Value.

My Review Portal Check List. Want to know how to create portals quickly, maximizing time and effort while making even more money? This checklist shows you how to do it in clear, concise steps. $199 Value.

Step-By-Step Guide To Making Sales. I'll share with you the secret ninja strategy I use to target businesses, create a demo portal, submit a negative review, and wait for their phone call. Trust me when I say that having leads call you is a lot more fun than you calling them. $199 Value.

So Don't Wait Another Second, Get Review Sentry, Plus My Amazing Suite Of Bonuses Right Now For This Insanely Low Monthly Price..

You'll still be able to sign up for a waiting list, but there's no guarantee that you'll ever receive a copy.

The reason is that, quite simply, I use this product too...

That means you need to act today, to make sure you're not left sitting on the sidelines, watching as the "A Team" makes a fortune...

This Is Sort Of Like Buying Apple Stock In 1997...

Some of your friends probably did, and you're insanely jealous that you weren't one of them...

Now it's too late, and you're on the outside looking in.

Don't let this happen to you.

That's a very powerful position to be in, and it can quickly lead to a 6 or 7 figure yearly income.

So don't wait another moment, invest in Review Sentry...

I'm looking forward to seeing you on the inside.

Russ Hayes

P.S. Don't forget, when you become a Review Sentry subscriber, you gain access to our invite-only Facebook group. Here, you'll be able to share best practices, and connect personally with me.

I'll personally make sure that this product is working for you and that you're doing all of the right things to close clients, and start profiting tremendously.

So what are you waiting for?

P.P.S. Remember, the first time you sign up a client for Review Sentry, it will at least pay for itself. Many of users are charging upwards of $197 per month, and their clients find this to be totally reasonable. Even if you just close two clients a month, at $97 per client, you'll have close to $2,400 per month in recurring income by the end of your first year.

I'm giving you a real, highly profitable business, on a silver platter here...

P.P.P.S. And what's going to happen if you don't take action? You're going to end up like the people who wish they had bought stock in Apple. People are making real money using Review Sentry, upwards of 6 figures.

How are you going to reach your goals if you never lift your arms out towards them?


Is this another management Wordpress plugin?

This is not a plugin. I chose to stay away from creating this as a plugin because many plugins can have conflicts with themes, especially customized themes, and they also sometimes stop working when users update WordPress to the next latest version. I've created Review Sentry to keep you from having any technical headaches with clients sites or plugins.

Does this work with Wordpress?

Review Sentry is a stand alone review portal that works on a sub domain that you create on your clients domain. Therefor it does not matter what type of platform your clients web site is using.

My client has many locations can I use Review Sentry for each location or am I only allowed to use one review portal per individual business?

Because we are using sub domains you can set up a review portal for each location a company has. This is actually better because they can easily track each location with no confusion as to where a negative review came from.

Does Review Sentry post reviews online for me?

No. Unlike other services that break other sites Terms of Service, Review Sentry is designed to encourage customers to leave positive reviews online themselves. This is the best benefit because the reviews all come from unique IP's and stand up better against false review screening by Google and review sites.


1. Review Sentry is an AWESOME get your foot in the door service to offer new potential clients at a reasonable price. You can still charge what you want or even use it as a loss leader, its up to you.

2. ReviewSentry is a SWEET returning service for your existing clients. Offering them new solutions to take control of their reviews and business is always a good thing!


The Review Sentry platform is so unique that any one could offer this service alone and make a substantial income by just showing business owners that they have a way to control and funnel online reviews.

Aside from charging a monthly fee for using the platform you can charge for additional things like video creation for the review process, employee photos, copy, and the graphics.

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