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A True Breakthrough!

If Your WordPress Sites Aren't Doing The Job,
If They Ain't Making You Money,
Or If You Can Get New Sites Ranked Easily And Quickly,

Here's Your Opportunity To Become The Next....

1 Minute
Internet Marketer

JUST WATCH THIS QUICK VIDEO below and you too can become the next One Minute Internet Marketer. Inside, I'm going to show you three different ways to make money TODAY with this breakthrough Wordpress plugin -- each in less then a minute:

Yeah, I was a little short trying to cram all that into one video! But if you didn't watch it. Well go back and hit the play button RIGHT NOW -- I promise, once you see it, it'll change your online life
as well as your bank account!

Here's what you just saw on the video:

Attention Affiliate Marketers

You just saw me take an existing (admittedly ugly) Word-Press site, and instantly "SUCK IN" a high-converting CPA offer -- in less then 15 seconds!

With this one-of-a-kind WordPress plugin, you'll NEVER need to create another pain-in-the-ass "PRE-SELL" page or time-wasting "authority site" again!

Now--You can focus on what you do best:

Drive traffic and making money!

Attention Local Marketers and "Off-liners":

On the video, you saw me take a butt-ugly, but highly ranked, WordPress website and "SUCK IN" a local small business' website - in less the 15 seconds! 

Whallah! THE CLIENT'S SITE INSTANTANEOUSLY ranks for the keywords he wants! He's ecstatic--and from now on you make mucho-dinero.​ MONTH AFTER MONTH, with no real extra work!​

Attention Search Engine Optimization Consultants:

You just a saw me take ANOTHER website, a highly ranked SEO optimized WordPress website and suck in ANY WEBSITE I want-- WITHOUT losing a single drop of SEO juice!

As a result, the Clients website is IMMEDIATELY ranked high in the search engines.

You don't have to fiddle with the Clients ill-conceived website one iota!
Just suck it into your WordPress website and you're good to go.

Again--all this takes no more then one minute, MAX!

Just Imagine:

  • Minimum work, making the maximum amount of money!
  • NO MORE HEADACHES or delays dealing with a clients web designer
  • NO MORE COPYWRITING, Yea! Better still: No more hiring "Little Hitler" copywriters (with huge egos to be stroked) demanding a kings ransom to write!
  • Just build your own WordPress Site, get it ranked quickly, then "suck in" any website you want. Your search engine ranking will stay the same--and I've even had a site increase in ranking!

    No more having to worry about what Google thinks of your clients' website and trying to get it to rank. Let's face it: All Clients' websites SUCK, otherwise they wouldn't need you.

    Never again trying to get your affiliate pre-sell page to "convert". Screw having to "sell the click!" Why not let the vendors sales page do the selling, right?

    You tell me: Which is harder? Getting a web page to rank for keywords that convert OR getting your visitors to click through to the actual offer?

    Hands down, its getting your page(s) to convert. Making the sale. Selling the click.

    This Is Where You Have An Opportunity

    Traditionally, small businesses have always had very little control over what people say about them.

    They've been at the whim of each customer, and they haven't had the means to rectify negative reviews.

    Sure, some of them utilize comment cards at their physical place of business.

    But this doesn't stop disgruntled customers from going online and ripping them a new one whenever their services fail.

    Until now...


    Review Sentry is a white label system that you can take directly to your clients...

    For each client you have, you can set up a unique link under their own domain, where customers can leave online reviews...

    The "portal" customers reach is highly professional, and includes a video spokesperson who instructs the reviewer on how to proceed.

    When the review is positive, the customer is provided a link to the web's top review sites and given a special coupon offer as encouragement for leaving a review.

    When the review is negative, they simply leave their comment, and it goes directly to the business owner - the negative review never gets spread.

    So with one easy link, each of your offline clients can start pumping out favorable reviews online, while stopping the bad ones from destroying their business' reputation...

    Then, you make massive profits by charging your clients for setup, plus a monthly fee.

    Your clients need this service, and they will pay for it...

    Just Look At The Success That Some Of My Happy
    Customers Are Experiencing With Review Sentry...

    Think about what would happen if just 10 of your current offline clients get on board with Review Sentry...

    It takes minutes to setup but you can easily charge them upwards of $300 per setup fee...

    That's $3,000 extra in your pocket for the month.

    Plus, you can comfortably charge them a monthly subscription of $97...
    So with just 10 clients, you're looking at an extra $970 in recurring income, flowing right into your bank account each and every month.

    Not a bad ROI for about 50 minutes per month spent on portal management, huh?

    But the truth is, you can quickly and easily get a lot more than just 10 clients...

    Just imagine, with 50 clients you could be netting $15,000 in setup fees, and $5,000 per month in recurring income.

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